Friday, May 16, 2008

Farmers would veto farm bill?

The farm bill has been called a lot of things by a lot of people--mostly by people whose business it is to make policy and talk policy, and mostly by people inside the Beltway. Out in the country there is not near as much talk about the thing, it seems. One wonders what the working farmer thinks of the much-debated, much-maligned legislation, now that it seems destined for passage.

Is it a little bit of a shock to look at the early returns from the new Agriculture Online poll: Would you veto the farm bill?

In one comment on the poll, a North Carolina farmer worries about the public perception that farmers are ripping off the public: "All we can hope for is a national consciousness that realizes that feeding ourselves is a genuine national security issue. Maybe then they'll be willing to keep us around on the payroll for a while longer."

Take the poll, add your own comments....


Andrew MacRae said...

The majority of respondents in your poll (so far) would veto the Farm Bill. I'm curious what everyone does and does not like about the bill, and what they change if they could?

John Walter said...

Andrew: That would be a good question to pose in the poll discussion. I have some ideas about the main objections would be, but would be good to hear it from farmers themselves.