Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celebrating Successful Farming

Farmer and son are featured on four-story mural

Thinking such a day would never come, it did and has gone—my 25th service anniversary at Successful Farming. Well, the actual day isn’t until sometime in July, but I received a watch at a staff meeting yesterday and some very kind words from my boss, Loren Kruse, editor-in-chief.

I was surprised enough that I didn’t get all emotional about the deal, but today I do feel a need to reflect a bit. What first came to mind when Loren invited me to the front of the room last night was how everything I’ve been able to do in 25 years here has been because of the good name of Successful Farming. I thought how that brand has opened so many doors over the years, and how that's been possible because of the people who've worked here with me, and before me.

I can hear still hear a voice from a long time ago, a woman over the phone calling out across the farmyard to her husband, “there’s a fella from Successful Farming who wants to talk with you.” The farmer drops everything, rushes to the phone, and cheerfully welcomes me to visit their place. That kind of thing has happened a whole bunch of times in 25 years.

Coincidentally, last Friday, a new four-story mural celebrating Succcessful Farming was installed on the side of our headquarters building here in downtown Des Moines.

Successful Farming was the founding magazine of Meredith Corporation 107 years ago. The name has long been engraved in stone on the original headquarters building, and now across the street a new image of a farmer and his son, with our new logo, will mark our century and seven in the business of farm publishing.

I like to think that the mural, which will remain in place for three months, is a tribute to the American farmers who are our readers. Obviously, without their loyalty and subscriptions, there would be no Successful Farming at 1716 Locust Street.

So here’s to you, my predecessors, my colleages, and all our readers. Thanks for keeping Successful Farming viable into its second century. And thanks for the 25 years.

Here's a little slideshow of the mural, and of the Successful Farming staff who gathered this morning for a photograph: Celebrating Successful Farming.

[Watch a video of the installation]

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Ed Winkle said...

If I had read this I would have stopped for pictures and a little visit! Looks great...